I thank god that I could make it as a professional Drummer, to get to travel the world and work with incredible artists, but that wouldn't be possible without the support and recognition of my amazing sponsors.
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Cristobal Orozco | Rafa Sardina In "Estudios del Sur" - Cristobal Orozco
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Rafa Sardina In “Estudios del Sur”

Rafa Sardina In “Estudios del Sur”

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Many of the artist we hear in today’s music industry have been produced by this producer, big artists such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and others have created music under the production of the talented Rafa Sardina, which also have been multiple times Grammy award and engineering awards winner.


Today I have the honor of working directly with him in “Estudios del Sur” for the amazing chilean band “Dekiruza”. We are working hard in this project so that you can expect the best quality of audio, drums and music production. Stay updated, I’ll be posting pictures and video updates in my Instagram account http://instagram.com/octopusorozco.



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