I thank god that I could make it as a professional Drummer, to get to travel the world and work with incredible artists, but that wouldn't be possible without the support and recognition of my amazing sponsors.
Feel free to contact me:octopusorozco@gmail.com - (+56 9) 775 872 27
More about my sponsors
Cristobal Orozco | Cristobal Orozco - Professional Drummer : Career
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Tour Seduction – Myriam Hernandez 2012 – 2016

  • Ecuador
  • Colombia
  • Perú
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Panamá
  • República Dominicana

Tour – Los Tetas Argentina

  • Cordoba
  • Buenos Aires
  • Rosario

Tours Octopus 2007 & Libra

  • France European Tour
  • Sweden European Tour
  • Norway European Tour
  • Spain European Tour
  • Baja California Bajaprog Festival
  • Colombia – MTV VMAs Colombia

Live Shows as Session Drummer

  • Consuelo Schuster
  • C-Funk & Joya
  • Octopus
  • Javiera Mena
  • Myriam Hernandez
  • Dekiruza
  • Cristobal
  • Pablo Herrera
  • Barbara Muñoz
  • Coprofago
  • Los Tetas
  • Mandracula
  • Jaco Sanchez
  • Koke Benavides
  • Paloma Soto
  • The Voice Chile TV Show
  • Augusto Schuster

Drums Recording TV/Movies

  • Kramer Chilean Film
  • Alma Chilean Film
  • Channel 13 TV Shows
  • Channel TVN TV Series
  • Channel Chilevision Viña Del Mar International Song Festival

Drums Recording as Session Drummer

  • Stefano Parodi Produced by Ivo Yopo
  • Consuelo Schuster Produced by Roberto Trujillo
  • Sergio Jarlaz Produced by Cristobal Platz
  • Ivo yopo Produced by Ivo Y.
  • Carlos Ezquivel Produced by Javier Bassino
  • Tomas llanos Produced by Ivo Yopo
  • Octopus Produced by Cristobal Orozco/Francisco Jorquera
  • Amarantha Produced by Americo Olivari/Paula Herrera
  • Celeste Shaw Produced by Esteban Zuñiga
  • Maria Ela Produced by Roberto Trujillo/Rodrigo Hurtado
  • Cler Canifru Produced by Carlos Cid/Pablo Stipicic
  • Matias Llanos Produced by Ivo Yopo
  • Benja Evans Produced by Franco Maestri
  • Paloma Soto Produced by Stefan Kramer/Javier Bassino
  • Libra Produced by Cesar Ascencio
  • Cristobal en Vivo Produced by Cristobal
  • Miguel Perez band Produced by Miguel Perez
  • Sr. Mosqueira Produced by Felipe Mosqueira
  • Marcelo Donoso Produced by Marcelo Donoso
  • Jaco Sanchez Produced by Roberto Trujillo
  • C Funk y Joya Produced by C Funk
  • Los Tetas Produced by C Funk
  • Gambra Produced by Roberto Trujillo/Rodrigo hurtado
  • Koke Benavides Produced by Koke Benavides/Rene Roco
  • Daniel Chiang Produced by Javier Bassino
  • Elementric Produced by Pepe Lastarria
  • Alma Produced by Pablo Alabama
  • Lu Covarrubias Produced by Franco Maestri

Drums Production in Recording Studios

  • Bassino Studio
  • Agartha Estudio
  • Estudios Foncea
  • Stipicic Studio
  • Estudios Del Sur
  • Monkys Productores
  • FM Studio
  • Alba Road Estudios

Drums & Percussion Teaching

  • Active Teacher in the all of the five years of the Career of “Jazz Interpretation and Popular Music” Projazz Music Institute
  • Active Teacher in the all of the five years of the Career of “Popular Music Composition/Writting” Projazz Music Institute
  • Private Classes Over 50 regular students